Sunday, April 18, 2010

Micah Conor Oswin

I never did get around to posting those photo's of the nursery! But I have something even more special to share.
On Wednesday the 7th of April at 3.02am our beautiful baby boy Micah Conor entered the world, weighing 6lb 3oz. After some initial hiccups, with low blood sugar levels and feeding worries he now seems to be thriving.
The past 11 days have been the most amazing time in my life. My heart melts every time I look at him and his Dad is as proud as punch!

Check him out
Brand New


Wide awake

Sleeping again!

First bath

Oh and here's those photos of the nursery.


  1. The HUGEST congratulations to the two of you. He looks gorgeous! I am dying for a cuddle. Isn't it amazing how much he looks like a boy already? XX

  2. hoooray !!!! He is gorgeous and he is a he !!! Wonderful, beautiful name....
    A thousand congratulations.

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations to you both

  4. Oh Kirsten, I am so pleased for you. You got your boy, just as you planned it! I know how your heart melts when they are so new, and you feel blessed every time you look at them. Enjoy every second of it. He is so handsome! I can't wait for a cuddle. Let me know when you're free for a coffee and I will walk straight up. x

  5. Congratulations on your new arrival, he is just so beautiful. The nursery looks gorgeous,too xo