Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Last Thursday and Friday our awesome cabinetmaker (David Turner) installed our Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom Vanity. He has done such and awesome job within extremely tight time lines. I think you would all agree that it looks fantastic! I can’t wait until the plasters finished and everything is painted so I can remove the plastic to reveal the gloss and put on the handles. Our timeline to be in for Christmas is not looking great. I think the plumber will hold us up as well as a tiler, if I cant find one in the next couple of days. If anyone can recommend a good tiler who can do a job before Christmas let me know!!!

I cant wait to get into my new kitchen and cook up a storm!

Bathroom Vanity and Laundry Cupboard


Everything is now coming together. Over the last couple of weeks the builders have been getting the inside ready to plaster. Finally all of the rooms have been framed and the old and the new house are now one. The plaster has been hung in the kitchen, laundry, bedroom 3 and some of the bathroom

I think I could live in my new Garage! Kitchen plaster hung

Entrance before and after

Looking from the old into the new/ bathroom

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Puttying, Sanding and Painting

Finally we have been able to do some of our own work on the house. A few weeks ago Marc and Dad did a fantastic job of fitting the bi fold doors. Don't worry they're not falling apart we just haven't taken the plastic off them yet, as we didn't want them getting damaged.

We've puttied all the holes and cracks.

Marc's been using an electric sander like a champion and he hasn't managed to break it yet!

Mum and Dad helped with putting the undercoat on the garage

And some kids who looked like they were about 14 came and installed our Central Heating Unit.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lock Up Stage

Yay things are finally starting to happen! While I'm inside blogging Marc is outside sanding the weatherboards getting them ready for the undercoat. The house is finally at lock up stage. The builder has told us that things will start to fly along now, so here's hoping we're in before Christmas. For those of you that dont know Marc and I are expecting out first child in April so I'm pretty keen to start decorating the nursery early in the new year.
We've had a few drama's at the house with water getting in and damaging some of our belongings and flooring but now we have a roof, so lets hope that's all behind us.

Not Happy Jan!

Insert Bi Fold Doors

Kitchen/ Living Area

Bedroom 3 and library/sewing room

Garage and wall to play downball!