Monday, January 18, 2010


This has been my favorite room to watch transform. This used to be part of our old kitchen but is now our new bathroom. My old bathroom was the motivation behind the whole renovation/extension. I hated it, it was tiny and old, I knew I couldn't possibly bring a new born baby home to that. However the bathroom was hard work. The size changed during the building process which meant we had to alter a few things. Of course everything cost way more than I budgeted for. We had to organise our own tiler and you can imagine how difficult that was at Christmas time. In the end we picked the right guy for the job and we are so happy with the end result.


After much deliberation and discussion regarding finances we decided to pay somebody to paint the new parts of the house. This left us with the old living room, main bedroom and baby's room to paint. Believe me that ended up being enough! Its all fun and games until you have to wash up.

Living room with a fresh lick of paint

First coat on baby's room

As you can see Marc did most of the washing up!

Home Sweet Home!

Okay so I must be the worst blogger in the world! If anyone out there was actually following this blog they wont be anymore.....
As the title suggests we are finally back in our home. We moved back in last Thursday night and I still haven't managed to unpack everything. I have promised myself I will not post any final before and after shots until the house is completely unpacked and set up.
However, as I have not posted any photos for such a long time, I will do some posts over the next week which will update on the builders progress since my last photos in November!!!

Entrance into old kitchen (now bathroom) all plastered up.

Kitchen, new living area and bedroom 3 plastered

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well first of all I must apologise for my lack of posts. I have been very busy working on the house and enjoying my two weeks leave from work (bring on maternity leave).
Of course the house did not make the dead line of Christmas and we are still boarding at my parents abode (hence no photos as my parents computer is a bit of a dinosaur). Hopefully we will be occupying our newly extended residence as of late next week!!! But I have decided I am not going to bitch and moan as I am sick and tired of reading blogs and facebook status updates complaining about 2009. Okay so 2009 had lots of ups and downs for me to, but sometimes rather than being self obsessed think about those less fortunate.
So here's to a wonderful 2010 with no new years resolutions for me!
I hope to post some photo's of the house ASAP!!! (yeah don't count on it)